Will US forces be able to leave Afghanistan by the deadline of Aug 31


Leave Afghanistan : Taliban

The major question is that will US forces be able to leave Afghanistan before the agreed deadline of Aug 31 ? After the end of peace talks between the Afghan Taliban and the US government, the process of US forces withdrawal had begun. Recent developments in Afghanistan, the takeover of the Taliban faction had boosted the process of evacuation as the Taliban wants the US forces and the foreign presence back to their homes.

The Taliban announced earlier on Tuesday in Kabul that all foreign evacuations must be completed by August 31.

President of the United States, Joe Biden, has stated that the US is on track to complete evacuations from Afghanistan by August 31, but has left open the possibility of extending the deadline, stating that achieving this goal is contingent on cooperation from the country’s new Taliban leadership.

Badri 313: The Elite Taliban Force
Will US forces be able to leave Afghanistan by the deadline of Aug 31

The Pentagon stated on Wednesday that the US military will continue evacuating people from Kabul airport until an August 31 deadline if necessary, but that the departure of US personnel and military equipment will take precedence in the last days.

Confusion increases as the deadline of forces withdrawal are almost to end

President Joe Biden seems quite keen to call their forces back home before the deadline (Aug 31), at the same time He seems puzzled, hinting at the possible extension of the deadline if necessary. However, the Taliban do not agree with any of the requests for extension. They are adamant on their decision that they want every foreign troop or any type of presence of foreign actors out of Afghanistan.

Suhail Shaheen, according to the report, stated, “It’s a red line,” President Biden declared that all military forces would be withdrawn on August 31. So if they extend it, it means they’re extending occupation when there’s no need. He also, said in clear words, that if the UK or the US asked or took any extension in the evacuation process then there would be consequences for that.

Kabul airport Suicide attack kills at least 13
Will US forces be able to leave Afghanistan by the deadline of Aug 31

President Joe Biden has stated previously that he may decide to extend the departure date beyond August 31 but still hasn’t done so. According to Sky News, a Taliban spokesman stated that the group will not tolerate such an extension.

Kirby said, we are aware of what the Taliban asks for and what they want, we are completely committed to the deadline given by the Taliban and planning on completing it till Aug 31. He further said that the commander in chief has assigned them this task as well and they working on executing it.

Pressure on Biden

Despite the administration’s efforts to portray confidence that the evacuation will be completed by the end of the month, members of the president’s party have raised concerns.

President Joe Biden facing political pressure from both his European allies, including the United Kingdom and his party in Washington to extend the departure deadline, Biden, on the other hand, made it clear on Tuesday that the sooner the US can complete the evacuation operation, the better.

Will US forces be able to leave Afghanistan by the deadline of Aug 31
Will US forces be able to leave Afghanistan by the deadline of Aug 31

After a classified briefing with intelligence officials on Monday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Cal if., said it was “very unlikely” that the US would be able to evacuate all remaining American citizens, special immigrant visa applicants, and at-risk Afghans from the country by the August 31 deadline.


Taliban not happy with the US taking Afghan experts with them

The US on taking the Afghan people who had worked with their government in Afghanistan in past and the present had made the Taliban unhappy with them.

On Tuesday the Taliban said that they will no longer allow the US forces to take the Afghan people with them and there will be no extension in the deadline for them.

Taliban spokesman Zaibullah Mujahid on Tuesday told the reporters during the press conference that “they are not in favor of Afghans leaving the country”. According to the Taliban, things have changed and it will be different this time, people should not fear them, and should stay in their country.

With no doubt The US has all the resources and the opportunity, and we know they can take all the people who belong to them, but we will not let Afghan nationals who are experts in fields such as engineering, medical to go, and we will not allow delaying the date of the deadline. Foreign forces evacuating Afghanistan after August 31 would be a “violation” of a Biden administration commitment to end the US military operation in the country, Mujahid added.

US allies not happy with the hasty withdrawal decision

Allies of the United States, including Canada and Norway, are dissatisfied with the US’s hurried decision to withdraw before August 31. They are publicly criticizing Biden and his administration for making hasty pullout decisions.

The concern remains if the evacuation will be obstructed in any way. Will Afghanistan’s situation improve or continue to deteriorate?

 “Path towards the Airport is blocked. Foreigners are allowed to pass through, but Afghan nationals are not allowed to go”. Zabihullah Mujahid further added that Afghan nationals were not allowed to go because the crowds are large and there is the danger of an attack, people might lose their lives.

Norway’s disappointing words claiming that it was unable to evacuate anyone else because the airport’s doors were closed.

Could a recent attack near Kabul airport cause a hindrance in process of evacuation?

As feared, things could escalate very quickly as the US military withdraws and the Taliban seize power. Suicide explosions were conducted out just a few hours before outside the Kabul airport. Resulting in a bloodbath among desperate residents trying to flee and wreaking havoc in the final days of the Western airlift of its allies.

At least 13 people have died as a result of two devastating blasts near the Kabul airport, according to recent reports and confirmation by a Taliban spokesperson. Even though the incident is still yet to be investigated and confirmed, there was no instant claim from any faction claiming responsibility for the strike, according to US authorities and reports.

Kabul airport Suicide attack kills at least 13
Kabul airport Suicide attack kills at least 13

According to reports, at least four US personnel were killed and a few others were injured in a bombing at Kabul’s airport on Thursday.

Biden had already said that there were threats and risks of attacks to be carried out by ISIS. He added that at beginning of every new day they are trying to launch an attack in the area which is under the US force’s control. He signaled to pace up the evacuations processing due to the existing threats.

The evacuation of the United Kingdom continues. Boris Johnson says the UK will continue to evacuate people from Afghanistan despite an attack on the capital’s airport.


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