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Why Einstein denied support to Zionism? | Einstein vs Zionism | What is Zionism? Nazuk Surat e Haal


Zionism is about the pursuit of an independent Jewish state. The word is derived from Zion, a hill near the city of Jerusalem. Neither all the Jews are Zionists, nor all the Israelis are Zionists. So a Zionist is someone who strives for an independent Jewish state. To many religious Jews, Israel is the promised land. Also, there are Jews who support the non-Zionism movement. Such Jews are against the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza by Israeli forces.
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What is Zionism

let’s begin with the main topic of the video that is the relationship between Einstein and Zionism.
Albert Einstein famous physicist was born in Germany as Jew. When Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, Einstein flew to the United States, settled there, and became an American citizen in 1940 as he objected to the policies of the newly elected Nazi-led government. You would be amazed to hear that Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel, but he denied it.

Einstein vs Zionism

A few weeks before the land of ‘Israel was announced in May of 1948, the head of the Zionist organization in America wrote a letter to Albert Einstein, the world-famous physicist, asking him to endorse and join the movement. Since his heritage was Jewish, the organization assumed that Einstein, who himself had fled Nazi Germany and sought refuge from Hitler’s policies, would be a vocal supporter.

Hitler vs Einstein

However, because Einstein had traveled to Palestine in 1922, and at that time seen first-hand the realities on the ground, he wrote this letter back to the organization, angrily disavowing any affiliation with Zionism. Einstein wanted a land in which Jews and Muslims lived together as equals, and he realized that the Zionist project would not be able to achieve its goals without inflicting massive suffering and untold deaths on millions of people. He went so far as to claim that Zionism was a betrayal of the ideals of the Jewish people, and its practitioners at the time were nothing but terrorists which was absolutely true, as the works of many historians, in particular Ilan Pape, prove. in his letter, he wrote that When a real and final catastrophe should befall us in Palestine, the first responsible for it would be British, and second responsible for it the terrorist organization’s build-up for our own ranks. I am not willing to see anybody with those mislead and criminal people.

Einstein letter to the leader of Zionist

The moral of the story is:
There is no doubt is this, Einstein was a genius, but you don’t need to be an Einstein to figure out Zionism is a racist, evil, supremacist ideology that can only succeed by depriving innocent people of their rights.

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