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No doubt Turkey and Israel are regional powers in the Middle East. Both countries want to increase their influence in the Middle East. The relationship between Turkey and Israel was promising at the beginning, Turkey was the first Islamic Country to accept Israel. The relation between Turkey and Israel went well until President Erdogan came into power. After Erdogan took power relations got worse. since then these two countries are not at peace. President Erdogan calls Israel a child Murdering country. Though the countries didn’t face each other in a war directly. Yet the war of words between the presidents have seen quite often.
We will compare Turkey and Israel in sectors of the economy, Military, Geographical Location, and politics.


Turkey has the world’s 19th largest GDP with a worth of $800 billion. Israel is in number 35 in the ranking of GDP with a worth of $395 billion, almost half than turkey. GDP per capita divides the country’s gross domestic product by its total population. It is a measure of a country’s economic output. According to GDP per capita, Turkey ranks 70, while Israel ranks 21 in the world.
That sector that contributes maximum to the GDP of Turkey is Tourism. Each year 7 million people visit Turkey for Tourism. For Israel, the sector that has maximum contribution to GDP is its Startups. Israel produces the most number of startups each year. Both countries are self-sufficient in agriculture, which means when it comes to agriculture they do not need to rely on any other country.


Geographical location:

Turkey is located at the center of Eurasia. It acts as a divider between Europe and Asia, due to this both Russia and America want Turkey to be its side. Turkey’s unique location provides certain leverages for international influence. Contrary to that, Israel is surrounded by Muslim countries which are its worse enemies. Israel had to spend a large amount of money protecting its border from foreign invasions. Israel is the only Non-Muslim country in the middle east, because of the United States found no other better option than Israel to carry out intelligence and military operations in the Middle East.


Turkey has the 10th strongest military in the world, while Israel has the 14th strongest military in the world.
Turkish Military has 1,408,075 total personal, while Israel has 615,000 total personnel

Active Personnel
Turkey: 335,000
Israel: 169,500

Reserve Personnel
Turkey: 380,000
Israel: 465,000

Tank Strength
Turkey: 3,200
Israel: 2760

Armed Fighting Vehicles:
Turkey: 9,500
Israel: 10,275

Air Strength
Turkey: 1067
Israel: 589

Fighter AirCraft
Turkey: 207
Israel: 259

Naval strength
Turkey: 196
Israel: 65

Turkey: 12
Israel: 5


Israel is the most controversial state in the World. 31 countries in the world do not recognize Israel of which some well-known countries are Saudi Arab, Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan. Israel relations with the United stated and Europe are praiseworthy. In 1980 Israel moved its capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Until now only two countries the United States and Guatemala shifted its embassy to Jerusalem, while the rest 87 embassies are still in Tel Aviv.
The founder of modern Turkey Mustafa kamal wanted Turkey to be a secular. He banned publicly displaying of religion. After the advent of Erdogan, turkey is losing its secular values and it is turned into an Islamic state. President Erdogan is currently a de facto leader of the Muslim world. Turkey has maintained good relations with all Muslim countries. It is also a member of NATO. Turkey along with Malaysia and Pakistan is deciding to launch a new currency that will be used by all the Muslim countries for trading.


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