Taliban’s brutal crackdown on protest condemned by UN 2021


Taliban’s brutal crackdown

Since the Taliban announced their government a few days back many people have been protesting which led to the Taliban’s brutal crackdown. The United Nations has condemned the Taliban for an “increasingly violent response” to dissent, just weeks after the group’s quick takeover of Afghanistan.

During recent protests, Taliban fighters killed four individuals, according to the body.

Since the fall of Kabul on August 15, protests have taken place across Afghanistan, demanding respect for women’s rights and wider freedoms.

Taliban’s brutal crackdown on protest condemned by UN 2021

According to the UN report, Taliban fighters have used batons, whips, and live bullets against protesters.

In a press statement, a spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said, “We call on the Taliban to immediately cease the use of force against, and the arbitrary detention of, people exercising their right to peaceful assembly and journalists covering the protests.”

In August, Taliban fighters surged across Afghanistan, taking provincial capitals and then Kabul itself in less than two weeks.

Before withdrawing its own forces on August 31, the US-led an airlift from the capital’s international airport, evacuating more than 120,000 civilians.

The Taliban’s demise comes after two decades of US military operations in Afghanistan, which began in 2001 when American and coalition forces drove the Taliban from power in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Taliban’s brutal crackdown on protest condemned by UN 2021

On Saturday, the United States will commemorate the 20th anniversary of those attacks.

In a press conference on Friday, UN spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani slammed the Taliban’s crackdown on protests.

She claims that after August 15, the number of demonstrators has increased. The Taliban, on the other hand, outlawed illegal gatherings on Wednesday and ordered telecoms firms to turn off mobile internet in Kabul on Thursday.

“During this moment of immense uncertainty,” she added, it’s critical that the group listens to Afghan women and men on the streets.

In recent weeks, at least four people have died, including a boy, and demonstrations have been violently dispersed, according to the press statement.

It also condemned attacks on journalists. When reporters attempted to cover the protests, they were beaten, arrested, and flogged by the Taliban.

UN Reports

The UN study comes as fears about Afghanistan have grown in the aftermath of the Taliban’s takeover.

According to the UN’s World Food Programme, 93 percent of households in the country are undernourished. Drought has compounded supply issues, resulting in the loss of 40% of the wheat harvest.

According to the Wall Street Journal, relief workers are concerned that the whole population will descend into poverty within months.

After two decades of development for children, especially girls, Unesco warned that the country is facing a “generational catastrophe” in education.

Taliban’s brutal crackdown on protest condemned by UN 2021

According to unconfirmed reports, the Taliban plan to host a ceremony on Saturday to launch their new government after revealing its leadership earlier this week.


It is the day on which the United States will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

On that day, about 3,000 people died. The attack was masterminded by the Islamist terrorist group al-Qaeda, which was commanded by Osama Bin Laden, who was at the time in Afghanistan under the protection of the Taliban.

UK Terrorist attack

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has undoubtedly “emboldened” UK terrorists, according to Ken McCallum, director-general of the UK intelligence agency MI5.

President Joe Biden had set 11 September as the deadline for US army withdrawal from Afghanistan, but the Taliban’s takeover compelled the US to accelerate its exit.

Women protest against the male-dominant official Taliban government 2021

The first foreigners to leave Kabul after the US withdrawal arrived on Thursday. A Qatar Airways charter flight to Doha carried around 100 persons, including UK, US, Canadian, and Dutch nationalities.

On Friday, a second Qatar Airways flight departed for Doha. France has confirmed the presence of 49 of its citizens on board.


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