Snapchat being used for Election Compaign in USA


Yes, you read it correctly Snapchat Lenses are being used for the Election campaign in Arizona, the USA to engage potential voters.

Mark Edward Kelly is an American astronaut, engineer, and former U.S. Navy captain born on 21 February 1964. He is famous for his publications in the field of aerospace and he also works as an aerospace executive and consultant. Now he is trending all over the US after he announced his candidateship for the upcoming Special senate elections in Arizona for a vacant Republican seat. He is a Democrat.

Arizona State Elections

Arizona Senate election campaign is heating up and Democratic Candidate Mark Kelly’s team used an innovative way for the election campaign to reach out to millennials, A Snapchat AR lens was launched by Mark Kelly’s Snapchat Handle which kinds of put you into the shoes of an astronaut.

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The environment is heating up for the tightly contested Senate seat of Arizona left vacant by Late Sen. Retired NASA astronaut Kelly is all head over heals to promote himself to make a massive win in the state election to serve the remainder of late sen term as senator. Martha McSally, who is running in opposition to Kelly on the Republican ticket. Kelly’s Snapchat account will be used to rally voters ahead of the election, seeing as the campaign has strayed away from in-person events and canvassing due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Snapchat Lenses

The Snapchat handle will be used to reach out to voters and regular content will be uploaded to engage viewers with some innovative Snapchat lenses like the animated astronaut lense and other highlights, stories will be shared. The handle will both use English and Spanish as a medium to communicate.

“Today’s launch is no small feat, this is one strategic way the campaign is working to reach young voters in this flippable battleground state where every vote will make the difference on Election Day,” a Kelly spokesperson told The Verge a local news platform on Wednesday. “Young Arizonans are ready for change, and while we continue working to flatten the curve of this pandemic, our campaign has been focused on reaching voters in even more ways online.”


Snapchat has been socially active to help it’s a user in the voting procedure as they enabled an option to their user to register as a voter directly from Snapchat. Snapchat has helped over 850,000 people with voter registration according to estimate.  This has been a major helping hand for millennials as most of them are from an age group between 18 to 24. The Kelly campaign estimates that there are over 1 million registered Arizonan voters between the ages of 18 and 30 on Snapchat.

Kelly’s campaign also touts sizable followings on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are two campaign-themed Instagram filters listed on Kelly’s profile for followers to use. The team has also rolled out policy-specific highlights featuring videos and explainers in both English and Spanish on the platform.

Snapchat said it is currently hosting ads from seven Senate campaigns, including both Republicans and Democrats.


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