Rahim Pardesi Got No Chill! Zaid Ali T Trolled! Rahim 1 Zaid 0!


Zaid Ali T Trolled heavily by Rahim Pardesi aka Nasreen on his little stunt to gather votes to win the title of Most Popular Content Creator at Hum awards.

Youtube was not a mainstream career to pursue in Pakistan as it was not considered as something of worth but many emerging young talents from Pakistan Youtube Ecosystem proved people wrong by making a big name in the entertainment industry. Kudos! to our youtube celebs who made it possible, so now every corner street boy dreams of shining in the youtube industry.

The celebrities’ of YouTube.

Names like Irfan Jonejo, Junaid Akram, Ducky Bhai, and Khujlee family enabled and inspired others to pursue their dreams. Now, these Influencers have millions of followers on different platforms and it is their time to shine as they are bagging various brand deals for example Emirates sponsored videos of Irfan Jonejo.


After all these accomplishments finally, mainstream media accepted this line of work and acknowledged many content creators at Pakistan International Screen Awards aka PISA  held at Dubai, following there lead  Now Hum awards on their 7th edition introduced various categories to encourage content creators and give them the recognition they deserve.

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Hum Awards are annual Pakistani accolades bestowed by the Hum Network Limited in recognition of excellence in the programming of television, fashion, and music industry of Pakistan. Winners are awarded the Hum Award of Merit. The awards were first presented in 2013 at a ceremony held at the Karachi Expo Centre.

The awards are now reputed as an official ceremony of Hum TV and have been given in more than a dozen categories.

So on this years edition following youtubers were nominated.

Most Popular Content Creator

  1. Zaid Ali T
  2. Shahveer Jafry
  3. Rahim Pardesi
  4. P 4 Pakao
  5. CBA – Arsalan Naseer
  6. Bekaar Films
  7. The Idiotz
  8. Karachi Vynz Official

So the winning candidate will be selected by audience poll for which the voting ended on 21st September 2020. Many YouTubers promoted themselves and asked their followers to vote for them in their youtube videos.

Zaid Ali T Trolled! For his Promotional Video

Zaid Ali T went to the next level to ask for a vote by making a sponsored post on several social media platforms aka by doing a paid ad campaign on Facebook, and Instagram.


In his video, he said he would reply to every person who comments on the post personally so they should vote him to get a reply. Watch the full video here.

But it did not go well with other YouTubers as they did not appreciate such a cheap move to get votes for the award.

Zaid Ali T Trolled

Rahim Pardesi aka Nasreen took a dig at Zaid Ali T in his Instagram videos where he symbolically criticized Zaid for lifting the balls of people to vote him. Watch full video.

Zaid Ali T Trolled! . Rahim pardesi Not coming slow. So Rahim 1 Zaid 0.


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