Noor Khadija! 1st Woman Head of South Waziristan’s Education Department


Kudos! To Miss Noor Khadija. While the voices for the women Empowerment are on the rise all over Pakistan we got a breath of fresh area from this encouraging step coming from a district with the lowest Literacy rate for the females in Pakistan according to various estimates.

Noor Khadija Flag Bearer of Women Empowerment

We are amazed to share that Wonderful Lady from South Waziristan district in Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Miss Noor Khadija has been appointed as the first Women Head of the Department of Education of South Waziristan. More power to Miss Noor Khadija who proved herself by capturing such an immense responsibility, while becoming a role model for all other young ladies to strive to bag such major rules at administrative Levels.

Nazuksuratehaal thinks that Miss Noor Khadija and other Brilliant ladies Like her are the real faces of Feminism and Women Empowerment in Pakistan. They are capable enough and no less than any other of their counterparts. Kudos! To Miss Noor Khadija.


As mentioned earlier that the region we are talking about South Waziristan is notoriously famous for its people with a conservative mindset, those who don’t let women flourish in various Professional fields. It is considered the area with the lowest literacy rate for women and has been in the tight grip of extremist factions and terrorist factions but thanks to security forces now the locals of Waziristan are freer to live their life like any other Pakistani.

Noor Khadija Becomes the First Woman Head of South Waziristan’s Education Department
Noor Khadija Becomes the First Woman Head of South Waziristan’s Education Department

In Such circumstances, Miss Noor Khadija has Vouched to strive hard to provide equal opportunities to females in Waziristan. She hails from a family of educators herself, while is a part of the education department for more than 10 years and her reputation is well heard all over the institution.

The self-motivated educator has been paid for her well-versed efforts in the education department. While it is a big moment in her life but it is also the way forward for the district to empower women and motivate other young ladies.

Out of Pakistan’s seven autonomous tribal regions, South Waziristan is one and six towns known collectively as the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). However, a lack of economic development and a pervading sense of neglect has led to disenfranchisement among the tribal population. These areas remained lawless and are now riddled with militants, gun runners, and drug smugglers.


Speaking to a media outlet, Noor Khadija shared her desire to serve her community, especially the young girls who are missing out on education. The area has been wracked by militancy and is one of the seven autonomous tribal regions from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

Students-sit-on-the-ground-at-Govt-Middle-School-Doag-village-in-South-Waziristan. Noor Khadija

Former deputy director in FATA, Muhammad Shoaib Khan believes that Noor’s posting will immensely improve the quality of girls’ education in the district and will provide relief to the female teachers who can now easily communicate issues and problems to her.

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