Meet Tauseef Ahmed – A caring son donated his liver to save his mother’s life


We often heard stories of how mothers raised their children, how mothers sacrifice their lives for their children. This time it’s reverse. A son sacrificed his life for her mother. We need more children like her in our country.

A Pakistani son named Tauseef Ahmed from the province Sindh donated a part of liver to his mother to save her life. Tauseef’s mother got liver cancer and it got worse to the extent where doctors recommended him to arrange a liver for her mother for a liver transplant. The transplant was performed free of cost at the Gambat Institue of Medical Science.


After the surgery Tauseef’s words were:

 Ever since my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I and my family was in great distress. When cancer got worse doctors advised us for a liver transplant to which we agreed. I could not think of a better way to help my mother than to donate her my own life rather than finding her one


This is an example for those children who did not respect their parents. This act proves that there are still children who are ready to sacrifice anything for their family.

We pray to Allah that Tauseef and his mother get well soon!


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