Journalists admit of beating by Taliban 2021


Taliban angry on media Coverage

When covering protests in Afghanistan, journalists admit of beating by Taliban, arrested, and flogged by the Taliban.

Two journalists from the Etilaatroz newspaper were arrested in Kabul, and photos circulating online show them with welts and bruises.

Taqi Daryabi, one of them, informed news agencies that he was transported to a district police station and kicked and beaten.

The media team was likewise barred from filming on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Mr. Daryabi and Etilaatroz’s photographer Nematullah Naqdi were covering a women’s demonstration in Kabul.

They were then transported to a police station and allegedly beaten with batons, electrical cords, and whips. They were released by the Taliban without explanation a few hours later.

Protest Coverage

He told Kabul journalist Secunder Kermani, “They took me to another room and shackled my hands behind me.” “I chose not to defend myself because I was afraid they’d just beat me up even more, so I lay down on the floor in a position to shield my front half.

Journalists admit of beating by Taliban 2021

“They arrived in eights and began thrashing me… They used sticks, police sticks, rubber, and whatever else they could get their hands on. My face has a scar from shoes that kicked me in the face.

“They had to stop because I was unconscious. They transported me to another building with cells and then left me there.”

Mr. Daryabi said that he was knocked out following the beating and was released after around two hours.

“I was scarcely able to walk, but they were urging us to go swiftly. I was in excruciating pain.”
Taliban fighters tried to take away Nematullah Naqdi’s camera as soon as he began photographing the protest, he said.

Women protest against the male-dominant official Taliban government 2021

“One of the Taliban stomped on my head with his foot, smashing my face on the concrete. They stomped on my head… They were about to murder me, I thought “According to the AFP news agency, Mr. Naqdi.

“You are lucky you weren’t decapitated,” he was informed when he asked why he was being assaulted.

The Taliban detained and held a cameraman for about three hours, according to Afghanistan’s Tolo news agency.

Journalist Imprisoned

At least 14 journalists have been imprisoned and subsequently freed in the last two days, according to the CPJ, an international non-governmental organization.

Journalists admit of beating by Taliban 2021

“The Taliban is fast demonstrating that past promises to allow Afghanistan’s independent media to operate freely and safely have been broken,” said Steven Butler, Asia program coordinator for CPJ.

“We urge the Taliban to keep their earlier assurances and cease abusing and detaining journalists who are performing their jobs, allowing the media to operate freely without fear of retaliation.”

The Taliban, who took control of Afghanistan more than three weeks ago in a sweeping operation, declared earlier this week the formation of an all-male provisional government to administer the country.

They’ve basically outlawed protests since then, deeming them illegal unless authorization is obtained from the ministry of justice.


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