‘Close relative’ arrested in killing of Ahmadi professor in Peshawar


Close Relative involved in the killing of Ahmadi professor allegedly.The shooters who killed a teacher hailing from the Ahmadi group in Peshawar the day before yesterday have been arrested by Peshawar police on Tuesday. The police successfully captured two suspects.

He was attacked when he was en route to his house near the Wazir Bagh area by two-armed bike riders. Mr. Khattak was serving as a professor of Zoology at Superior science college campus of Peshawar. Professor was found dead on the murder spot.

killing of Ahmadi professor, Close Relative arrested

Mubasir who was booked by police on murder charges is a close relative of the late professor according to police officials.

Mubasir and a colleague of Khattak, Saad Farooq have been mentioned in the FIR for the murder of Dr. Naeemuddin Khattak according to police on Monday.

The family of  Mr. Khattak reportedly mentioned the names of two individuals and accused them of murder in the first information report (FIR). The professor was allegedly shot down by the latter after they got into warmed up debate relevant to some religious issues a day earlier.


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The information was released to the media by Moharrar Ashoor Khan at Bhana Mari police station, the police station which is investigating the case. One of the two persons nominated in FIR was captured by a police raiding party at a house in Lala Rukh Colony in Syed Hassan Pir area.

In his bayan to Police, the suspect said that his accomplice Farooq who is a lecturer at the University of Agriculture, Peshawar has escaped after police intervened in the case. The police officer continued by saying that they are probing into the matters and will soon arrest the other suspect.

The police believe that the professor from a superior college was killed for his religious views. This was found out during the initial case study and witness interviews.

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The last rituals of the slain professor were performed after his body was handed over to the family. The postmortem was carried out before this.

Police Spokesperson Ayaz Khan intimidated the Press that Mubasir a suspect in the infamous murder is being interrogated by authorities. The suspect is still not presented before the magistrate for his official bayan to the police which can be submitted in the court of law and can be used against the accused.


People in Peshawar are on a rampage towards Ahmadis as this is the third incident in which an Ahmedi has been gunned down since July of 2019, On that day Tahir Naseem who is an American national was brutally murdered by a young boy in front of the court. An Ahmadi trader namely, Meraj Ahmed was attacked and died in the same incident on 12th August in the Gulbahar area.

Similarly, a mob attack was carried out on an Ahmadi residential area in the Phandu region of the Peshawar city, but luckily they were rescued by Police on the 10th of September 2019. In the same case, police challan was passed to one of their family members on blasphemy charges. And now this incident of killing of Ahmadi professor.


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