Who was Imam Jafar Sadiq? | Founder of Jafari (Twelver) Shia Islam

Previously we have discussed the major branches of Islam, and How Islam got divided into the sects of Shia and… Read More

6 months ago

Why Einstein denied support to Zionism? | Einstein vs Zionism | What is Zionism? Nazuk Surat e Haal

Zionism is about the pursuit of an independent Jewish state. The word is derived from Zion, a hill near the… Read More

12 months ago

Why India support Israel instead of Palestine? Why does India stand with Israel? India Israel relations

In the clashes between Israel and Hamas, Indians are being sympathetic towards Israel and standing in solidarity with them at… Read More

1 year ago

Turkey protest Israel attack on Al Aqsa mosque | Erdogan shows solidarity with Palestinians

Violent clashes over Jerusalem escalated dramatically on 11th May with Gaza health officials saying at least 20 people, including nine… Read More

1 year ago

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