$1 trillion worth of rare minerals reserves in Afghanistan

Worlds largest Lithium reserves $1 trillion worth of rare minerals reserves in Afghanistan! The recent chaotic fall of Kabul is… Read More

2 weeks ago

Neom city Saudi Arabia $500 Billion dollars project | What is the Line?

Imagine a city with no cars, no street, and no carbon emission. All daily needs within a walking distance of… Read More

4 months ago

JF 17 thunder block 3 latest updates | PL 10E missile | KLJ-7A radar | Integrated Cockpit Display | NSH

Global times an Australian-based Newspaper reported that Jf 17 Thunder block 3 version will be one of the world's most… Read More

5 months ago

China’s spacecraft successfully retrieve Lunar rocks

BEIJING: BEIJING: China's spacecraft successfully retrieve Lunar rocks!In a groundbreaking attempt to collect lunar surface samples, China successfully landed a… Read More

10 months ago

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