Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi All you need to Know about 17th Chief of Naval Staff


Pakistan Navy is now under the command of Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi who took over the office for the Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) on Wednesday, He took the command at PNS Zafar in a ceremony.

The predecessor to Admiral Amjad Khan is Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi, who left his post as the commanding officer of the Pakistan Navy on October 7.

“Pakistan Navy will surely reach to the highest point in the success chart of the Navy under the esteemed leadership of Admiral Niazi,” said Admiral Zafar. He also congratulated Admiral Niazi on becoming Naval chief in his last address before relinquishing his post.

“I am proud that I was given a chance to serve and defend Pakistan at such a high status as Naval Chief,” said Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi.   

The strategies of the Pakistan Navy were coherent with developing circumstances and challenges as per Ex Naval Chief while he was discussing the development strategies used by Pak Navy.

He stated that the navy visualized to increase its fleet size with 50 modern ships, among those 20 were major ships that would help improve the Naval combat capabilities of the Pak Navy.


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Four medium-class Turkish ships and Chinese Frigates are planned to be included in Naval Squad from 2023 t0 2025 according to The outgoing chief. Focusing on transforming the navy into a combat-ready force with special emphasis on optimum battle preparedness and professional competence, Admiral Abbasi said the Hangor submarine project, in collaboration with China, was progressing well with four submarines being built in China and four in Pakistan.

Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi All you need to Know about 17th Chief of Naval Staff
Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi.All you need to Know about 17th Chief of Naval Staff

The submarines that are planned to be inculcated into the fleet will deliver red in the next few years. Admiral Zafar reinforced his stance that Pakistan Navy is always combat-ready and has the ability to defend the homeland, and foil the enemy’s iniquitous plans against our beloved nation.

Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi

Here is All you Need to Know about the 17th Chief of Naval Staff. The new chief of Navy Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi joined Pakistan Naval Forces in 1985 being posted in the operations wing. He was a distinguished individual at Pakistan Naval Academy, he completed his course by bagging the coveted Sword of Honour.

During his illustrious career, Vice Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi served on various command and staff appointments.


Admiral’s Distinguished staff appointments

  • Principal Secretary to Chief of the Naval Staff
  • Head of F-22P Mission China
  • Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Training & Evaluation)
  •  Director General Naval Intelligence.

He also served at a distinct position of Chief of Staff (Operations) at the Naval Headquarters, Islamabad.

Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi completed his graduation from National Defence University, Islamabad, and Army Command & Staff College, Quetta. He is an alma matter of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He got his Masters Degree in Underwater Acoustics from Beijing, China.

Command appointments of the Admiral 

  • 2 Type 21 ships
  • PNS Badr
  • PNS Tariq
  • Commander 18th Destroyer Squadron
  • Commandant PNS Bahadur
  • Commandant Pakistan Navy War College
  • Commander Central Punjab Lahore
  • Commander Pakistan Fleet
  • Commander Karachi.

He has been awarded honorable Hilal-e-Imtiaz (Military) and Sitara-e-Basalt for recognition of his outstanding services to Pakistan. One of his distinctions is that he was honored by the Government of France with the French Medal Chevalier (Knight).


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