About US

Nazuk surat e Haal is a digital platform that equips its followers with a source of staying updated in the fields of sports, politics, technology, entertainment, history, and much more. Nazuk Surat e Haal is bringing expertise and comprehensive coverage in different fields. Our focus is to provide you with exclusive stories that you won’t find elsewhere on the internet. We continue to update our stories with the passage of time. Our goal is to publish stories that the user loves to read.


-STEP-Sports, Technology, Entertainment, Politics

STEP is an abbreviation of Sports Technology Entertainment and Politics. This category enables users to stay updated in the related field. In the field of sports, our main focus will be cricket and Football. In the field of technology, you will be updated regarding the launch of smartphones and other gadgets. In the entertainment field, we will post about celebrities and showbiz. Politics field will keep you aware of the current situation of Pakistan and also to some extent World politics.


-Proud Pakistani

This category will show you the bright side of Pakistan. Achievements by our people, success stories that our mainstream media miss. This category does not just show you current achievements of Pakistanis but it will also make you remember the national heroes that we have forgotten.

-Nazuk Surat e Haal

“Even White rose has a black shadow”

Along with the bright side, we should also focus on the Dark side of our country to eradicate corrupt practices in our society.

As the name suggests Nazuk surat e haal (critical or delicate situation) this category will show you some heart-pounding stories of our country.


Knowledge of Islam is compulsory for all Muslims. Alhamdulillah, we all knew about Islam very well, but it is necessary to keep revisiting what we have learned. Otherwise, we will forget what we have learned about Islam. This category will help you revising our Religion in the light of Quran and Sunnah


This field will focus on the major events in history and also unsung heroes in the history of the World.