6 Places on Earth Where the Sun Never Sets | Midnight Sun Countries


Most places on the earth, have an almost equal duration of day and night. However, there are some countries where the sun never sets for months. similarly, If the sun sets, it does not rise for months either. let’s travel through 6 countries where the sun never sets.


In northern Russia, the sun shines for almost 2 months straight, during summer from Mid May to mid-July. The nights during this period are called white nights as they are continuously illuminated. Contrary to that, the sun does not rise in this region for almost one and half a month from 2nd December to 11th January. This region experiences night for 40 days. the temperature during these nights fell up to -34 degrees centigrade. 


Next is Finland. Finland like other Scandinavian countries is considered one of the most prosperous countries in the world. The weather in Finland is very unique. It has longer winter compared to summer. In northern Finland, the temperature fell below -40 degrees centigrade. During winter the sun disappears from the scene for 53 continuous days. this means that they experience night and rest only on the light of the moon these days. On the other hand, In summer the sun shines for 73 straight days without setting for a single hour. 


The average temperature in Finland even during the summer is around 7 degrees. for those who love Skiing, this place is ideal. 


Norway is known as the land of the midnight sun. That means one can find the sun shining in the sky even at midnight. As a matter of fact, the sun does not set here for about 75 days from May till the end of July. however, during the winter the sun is hard to find. The people of Norway are considered to be the 8th happiest in the world. 


A little away from Scandinavian countries, there lies another famous tourist destination: Iceland. it is the largest European Island after the UK. The sun never sets in Iceland, especially during the month of June. The clear skies in winter keep twinkling with countless bright stars. However, the population of Iceland is one of the least in the world. It has a population of around 300,000.


Greenland is the largest Island and is administered by Denmark. Though the name suggests Green, it is not green at all. The major part is covered by ice. Due to this, the population of this Island is only 56,000. Yes, you heard it right, the largest island in the world has only 56,000 population. Sun shines here for straight 6 months in summer, and they have 6 months of darkness during winter. in 1991, the lowest temperature in the North pole, -69.6 degrees Celcius was recorded. 



time to talk about Barrow in the American state of Alaska. here, the sun does not set from the end of May till the end of July. however, the sun never sets in the months of November. Due to the extreme weather, Alaska might be a good place for tourists, but it is not something to live in. It has a population of almost 5000. 


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